The Judges

Judge Dredd – It’s Judgement Time at LFCC 2014
                Judge Dredd – It’s Judgement Time at LFCC 2014 Judge Dredd – It’s judgement time at LFCC 2014: Different day different job. Come to the London Film and Comic Con 2014, I was asked, we have a large gathering of the Brit Cit Judges with a few from mainland Europe … we’re going to try to break a Guinness World Record with the largest gathering of Judges ever. Hard to say no really! Although I work commercially for the most part, creating and capturing moments that ensure stakeholders and organisers can showcase and promote, it’s nice to bring these skills to something a little different. I blogged late last year about attending the Birmingham NEC which allowed me to take stock shots of a few judges and create some digital art show pieces (clicky here..) and being a near life-long 2000AD and Judge Dredd fan, was like a giddy school kid meeting these guys for the first time then and to be honest being surrounded by 40+ this time round, I have to say I couldn’t stop smiling for the whole day. All of these guys (and a few gals) do it resulting from their passion of the being ‘Dredd-Heads’.