Fund Raising


How much could you raise?

Each year many of Burton Photography customers raise fantastic funds for their causes. Schools and PTAs often feature students’ artwork, and self-funded organisations take fun photos of their activities, from football matches to charitable achievements.

Here are some typical examples of the profits you could generate by designing your own calendar with us and selling them on to your supporters.

The selling price is entirely up to you but your choice of calendar size and style can make a huge difference to your profit margin. Plus, the more you order, the cheaper the price. For example:

A4, 2 months per view (7 leaf calendar)

A3, 2 months per view (7 leaf calendar)

Buy 250 @ £1.46 each = £365 Sell 250 @ £6.99 each = £1747.50 Profit= £1382.50 Buy 250 @ £2.27 each = £567.50 Sell 250 @ £8.99 each = £2247.50 Profit= £1680
Buy 500 @ £1.27 each = £635 Sell 500 @ £6.99 each = £3495 Profit = £2860 Buy 500 @ £2.06 each = £1030 Sell 500 @ £8.99 each = £7192 Profit = £6162
Buy 2000 @ £0.72 each = £1440 Sell 2000 @ £6.99 each = £13,980 Profit = £12,540 Buy 2000 @ £1.00 each = £2000 Sell 2000 @ £8.99 each = £17,980 Profit = £15,980

All prices exclude VAT and optional cellobags.

Need Inspiration?


We’ve been inspired by the many creative ways our customers fundraise. Here are some of those great ideas that could help your calendars to sell like hot cakes!

Schools out for Summer


Give your childrens’ artwork pride of place in an annual art competition to be featured in the school calendar. Simply scan their mini-masterpieces and add the title, child’s name and year group as the caption. Select the starting month as September and sell your calendars in the summer term with the added bonus of keeping parents informed of those all-important term dates, inset days, sporting events and parents evenings.

Get your kit off!

The Women’s Institute raised a £1million with this simple but saucy idea. Use bats and balls to conceal your bits-and-bobs and sell a bundle!!

From Props to Pin-ups

Stay Safe

Take your photos in black & white and create a stylish, sexy (and more flattering) calendar. Add some moody looks and its Andy Murray or Jessica Ennis-Hill eat-your-heart-out! Great for Varsity teams and Societies.

Men of the Match

Comission individual portrait shots of each player for each month of your calendar. Works well with the 13 page designs, for example our economical A4

Smells like team spirit


Get your gang to dress up as rock stars or choose a fun theme such as punk, eighties or heavy metal. Alternatively, re-enact scenes from your favourite films or music videos.

The Last Action Hero

Pick the best action shots of your team’s season and write a player fact in the caption area, for example ‘Johnny Barnes: Last season’s top point’s scorer’.

All club together

Spread the cost of your calendar across your club’s age groups by featuring a different team on each month, e.g. Under 9’s, Under 10’s, Under 11’s etc.

Football team

Promote your Sponsor

Feature your sponsor’s logo on each page with any of our ‘Sponsor’ calendar styles in exchange for a little help towards your set-up costs. Your sponsor will benefit from year-round brand exposure to your supporters and positive PR.